Supporting Microsoft Office Integration with Rest Professional


The purchase, installation and support of Microsoft Office is the responsibility of our Customers, this is generally managed by an IT Provider or associated Microsoft subscription.

This article is designed to share information that we have received from our Customers and IT Providers over time

Numerous features in Rest Professional, such as mail merge, word merge and data export allow integration with Microsoft Office, this requires a full version to be installed on each computer running Rest Professional.
Further information can be found on our Rest Professional System Requirements page

Installing Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office now comes in a variety of editions, either way it is important that a Full Business / Professional edition is installed
We do not recommend installing Microsoft Office from the App Store, as it may not contain the 'full' components necessary to integrate with Rest Professional

Depending on the type of Microsoft Office installation media you are installing, you may need to click through the advanced installation options to ensure a Full Installation of the 32 bit (x86) version is installed
IE: For an existing installation of Microsoft Word, the version can be found under File > Account > About Word

Running a repair of Microsoft Office

At times, some of the Microsoft Office components may become problematic, particularly after Windows Updates or interference by Antivirus
This can cause warnings or errors to appear when merging from Rest Professional and can often be resolved by performing a Repair of Microsoft Office in Control Panel > Programs & Features

Performing a reinstall of Microsoft Office

At times, a repair may not correct an issue, a Microsoft Office upgrade or downgrade can sometimes skip adding / removing critical components
In this circumstance you may need to completely remove Microsoft Office from the PC and perform a new installation
To completely remove Microsoft Office, we recommend the use of a Microsoft Uninstall Tool / Fixit Tool which can be found on various Microsoft Support sites.
This link below was current at the time of writing this article and should direct you to the latest Office uninstall support tool:

10/05/2022 10:16 am AEST

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