Configuring your Rest Professional System Options in Preparation for Property Tree

In preparation for your move to Property Tree there are certain system options that will need to be adjusted in order to ensure a smooth migration of data and effective use of Property Tree functionality and features. You will also be provided direction at your trial migration in regards to best pracitce and data clean up. 

Transactional System Options

  • Check Digit

Other > Utilities > System Options > Transactions > Display tenant check digit – modulus

If you are currently using the Tenant Check digit when processing tenant download leave this system option as ticked.

If you are NOT using the Check Digit or it is not required by your bank you should have this option deselected. If you fail to remove the tick icon you will need to manually update your tenancy IDs within Property Tree.

If you are unsure if you require Check Digit, please contact your financial institution and update your Rest Professional system options accordingly.

  • ABA Files

Other > Utilities > System Options > System > ABA file

Property Tree uses Self Balancing ABA files, if your Rest is configured for Non – Self Balancing files you will need to contact your banking institute in order to make the required changes to your online banking.

  • Auto Bond Reconciliation

Other > Utilities > System Options > System > Auto Bond Reconciliation

If you are using Auto Bond Reconciliation for both residential and commercial, ensure that you have configured the Auto Bond Reconciliation for Both and have a default creditor assigned.

If bonds are not receipted into Rest Professional, they will migrate to Property Tree as outstanding, audit your bonds and ensure to fill in the bond collected field on the Tenant Masterfiles manually if this is the case.

  • Fees

Other > Utilities > Agency Fee Configuration

These fees will migrate as your default new tenancy fees. In Property Tree they will apply to all new profiles entered. Audit the fees for name and if GST should be inclusive.

Other > Utilities > Company Details > Internal Accounts 

Audit your internal accounts used for fees to ensure that they are migrating correctly with GST attached as appropriate.

Communication Options

  • Statements

Other > Utilities > System Options > Statements > Email Owner Statements

In order to ensure that you can make use of Property Trees automated communications, you will need to deselect the Print emailed owner statements check box.

If you are a File Smart user you will need to deselect this after your final EOM statement run and prior to your Files Update.

  • Communications Method – Owners

 Owner File > General > Communication > Send Statement by/Send Income & Expenditure Report by

Audit your Owner communication settings on your Masterfile’s in order to ensure the correct communication method migrates to Property Tree.

If your owner statements and/or income & expenditure summaries are both selected to send by Email OR Post, this will be the communication method migrated to Property Tree.

If either option is set to Email, Email will be the communication option migrated to PT for both. Email for both is recommended.

  • Tenancy Invoices

Other > Utilities > System Options > Transactions > Email all invoices as default

Other > Utilities > System Options > Statements > Email Tenant Statements 

In order to be automatically email invoices and receipts to tenancy contacts in Property Tree you will need to ensure Email all invoices and Email Tenant Statements as default is ticked.

26/08/2020 3:25 pm AEST

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