How to Update an Incorrect GST Amount in REST Professional


While reviewing your Income & Expenditure reports you may find a transaction that is reflecting the incorrect GST amount. If the transaction is a disbursement, a paid tenant invoice or a sundry receipt you will be able to alter the GST amount. Rent Receipts with incorrect GST Amounts cannot be changed.


  1. Do a backup of your data and rename the backup i.e.

  2. Go to Other > Utilities > Update transaction

  3. Enter the alpha index of the owner and press Enter

  4. Select the month and year that the incorrect transaction occurred in

  5. Click on Search-F5 to view all the transactions within the selected period

  6. Highlight the incorrect transaction and click Change

  7. In the field New GST amount enter the correct GST

  1. Click on Save-F12

  2. A prompt will appear asking the reason for this change. Enter your reason and click OK

NOTE: If the transaction is a rent receipt, deposit receipt or a holiday booking receipt you are not able to alter the GST amount. You also cannot update any transactions for internal owners.

10/03/2016 10:09 am AEDT

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