File Smart Version 8.5.2. Release Notes

Workflow Search

The ‘Enable predictive text’ option has been added to the File Smart Workflow screen.

This new option will be selected by default and matches the current functionality in Archive and Search modes whereby, when you are in a editable list field, File Smart will try to auto-fill the field using the text you enter to search for a matching value starting with the same letters.

Archive Queue 

Once a document has been archived from your pending archive queue, the cursor will now return to the bottom of the archive queue. 

Workflow History

The workflow history item has been updated to ‘Flagged for CM Approval’ to reflect that when users flag an invoice for committee member approval in File Smart, the action of sending for approval still needs to be completed in the File Smart Creditor Invoicing screen.

Corrected Issues

File Smart Archive

In some instances, the Windows Printer Spool Service was stopping when printing to the File Smart Archive printer, this issue has been resolved.  

File Smart Workflow 

In File Smart Workflow, upon delegation of an invoice, the ‘committee approval required’ checkbox was cleared in error, this issue has been resolved. 

QR Codes

The QR codes on Canada Bay Council and Inner West Council rates notices could not be read by File Smart. This issue has been resolved.  

Outlook Add-in  

In some instances, the File Smart Outlook add-in did not display the ‘Invoice Amount’ field, this issue has been resolved. 

File Smart Archive

In some instances, the File Smart Archive screen disappeared from the user’s desktop when File Smart Archive attempted to preview a PDF using Abode DC. This issue has been resolved.

09/09/2021 10:28 am AEST

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