How to do a Global Change to Owner Statement Styles in REST Professional


You would like to change all of the Owner Statement Styles in REST to a different Statement Style in REST.  This can be done manually against the Owner Card or as a global change which can be applied to all owners.

This Document will cover:

  • Steps to globally change the existing Owner Statement Styles

  • Steps to change the Owner Statement Default

Steps to globally change the existing Owner Statement Styles

  1. Get all users out of REST Professional

  2. Do a backup of your current data.Rename this backup i.e Go to Files > Archive > Backup and follow the prompts

  3. Exit out of REST Professional

  4. In Windows, search for the folder called REST Professional and click on REST Util


  1. Once in REST Util, go to Database Changes > Statement Style

  2. Select criteria as required:

    • Payment Method - You can select All or select a payment method i.e. cheque or Auto Deposit etc

    • Statement Style – Enter the existing statement style that requires changing

    • New Statement Style – Enter the new statement style to be changed to


  1. Click on Save-F12

  2. Click OK to the message to confirm the change you are about to make

  3. Log out of REST Util

  4. Log back into REST Professional

  5. Go to Other > System Recovery and click OK-F12

Steps to Change the Owner Statement Default

To set this new statement style as a default, so when you enter a new owner it will default as this new statement style you will need to change the Default settings in Company Details. 

  1. Go to Other > Utilities > Company Details and click on the Defaults tab

  2. Select the ‘Owner Statement Default’ to the new style you wish to use

  3. Click OK


29/03/2016 11:41 am AEDT

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