How to Connect and Disconnect REST Professional Databases


You may have several trust accounts i.e. a rental trust account and a sales trust account and therefore have more then one REST Professional database that you require access to.

 Alternatively you may have a database that you do not need access to and therefore requires disconnecting.

These instructions are for when you are already currently connected to at least one database and a further database is to be connected or disconnected.

This document will cover:

  • How to Connect to a New Database
  • How to Disconnect an Existing Database

How to Connect to a New Database

  1. To connect a new database, go into the existing REST database that you have on your workstation
  2. Go to Files > New Database or Open Database
  3. Click on Database Wizard

  1. Click Next in the Database Connection Wizard
  2. Click on Connect to database and click Next
  3. Click Browse and go to the drive that the REST Professional database sits on
  4. Click on the Data folder
  5. Click on the rmconfig file and click Open
  6. Click Next


  1. Open selected Database will be selected, Click Finish

  1. The REST Professional database will now generate, enter your password (if applicable) and continue

How to Disconnect an Existing Database

  1. Go to Files > New Database or Open Database
  2. Click on Database Wizard
  3. Click Next
  4. Click on Disconnect  a database and click Next
  5. Select the Database you wish to remove so it’s highlighted and Click Next

  1. Click Finish

NOTE: Your database has now been disconnected however the REST Professional folder will still be installed on the REST Professional drive for future access if required.

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