How to Setup and Use the Sales Advertising Grid in REST Professional


You may enter the advertising and marketing expenses that are planned for a sale.

The expenses may be ticked as actioned when the item has been done. When you tick the item to be charged, REST creates an outstanding disbursement if vendor paid advertising has been selected. The Advertising Summary by Sale Report prints the advertising, the Vendor Invoice details all advertising expenses for the vendor.

Contributions from the vendor may be receipted as a sales receipt using the type advertising. Advertising entered on the advertising grid together with any manually entered sales receipts and disbursements will appear on the Vendor Invoice if Vendor Paid Advertising is selected

This document will cover:

  • Completing the Advertising Information

  • Entering Information to the Advertising Grid

Completing the Advertising Information

The information can be completed by going to Files > Sales > Sale or click on the  icon on the desktop

  1. Budget Amount - Enter the advertising budget for the sale. When you enter the advertising expenses in the grid below, REST will remind you if you go over the budget

  2. Remaining Balance - This reflects the budget amount minus the amount of advertising entered in the advertising grid  

  3. Market Plan - Enter the name, if any of the marketing plan for this sale

  4. Vendor Paid Advertising - You should tick this option if the vendor is paying up front for the advertising. If the owner is not pre-paying the advertising and you will account for the advertising as part of the settlement then do not select this option

    • If you tick the Vendor paid advertising option - you may create disbursements for the advertising and the Vendor Invoice reports the expenses when they are charged along with any receipts and disbursements that have been posted with the ’type’ of advertising.

    • If you have not selected this option - you may not create disbursements from the grid (i.e. you will not be able to click on charged to create an outstanding disbursement).The Vendor Invoice will report the expenses once they are actioned

      NOTE: Once you have selected the option as Vendor Paid, you may not change it.

  5. Advertising Receipted - Shows the total of sales receipts from the vendor posted with the ‘type’ Advertising

Entering Information to the Advertising Grid

  1. Click the  icon to add an advertising item

  2. Click the  icon to delete an advertising item

  3. Date  - Enter the due date for the item

  4. Creditor - Enter the creditor to whom this is to be paid. This could be your agency if you pay the advertising into your general account and pay the creditors from there

  5. Description - Choose a description for the advertising item. These descriptions are set up in Files > Descriptors and Comments > Sales Advertising Description

  6. Reference  - Enter the reference/invoice number of the invoice

  7. Amount - Enter the amount of the advertising

  8. Actioned - Tick actioned when the item is completed

  9. Charged - Tick charged if the advertising is vendor paid and you are ready to create an outstanding disbursement for the item

NOTE:  To process the outstanding disbursement so it debits the advertising funds, go to Transactions > Outstanding Disbursements > Process Outstanding Disbursements and click on Process.

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