How to Manually Reverse an EFT Payment from a Bulk ABA file


You may have processed a bulk creditor/owner payment and discover that an account number was wrong, and now you have a discrepancy between the amount that has been processed and what is showing in REST in unpresented cheques.

NOTE: You cannot reverse an ABA file that has been processed in your banking software, been overwritten or if it’s from a previous period. In these circumstances you would need to manually reverse the EFT payment.

Manually Reversing EFT Payments includes the following steps:

  • Present the Automatic Deposit Payments in the Bank Reconciliation
  • Sundry Receipts Funds back into REST

Present the Automatic Deposit Payments in the Bank Reconciliation

  1. Go to Cashbook > Bank Reconciliation
  2. Click on Unpresented Cheques–F5
  3. Tick the Automatic Deposit Payments as presented then
  4. Click on Save-F12
  5. Click on Exit-ESC

Sundry Receipt Funds back into REST

The funds will need to be receipted back into REST into the Property Card or alternatively, you may wish to receipt this into an internal owner account so this can be paid out again. We would recommend you use the internal owner account AAJOURNAL as this is where cancelled cheques from a previous period go.

  1. Go to Transactions > Sundry Receipt and enter the details:
  • Property - enter the property alpha index and press ENTER
  • Amount - enter the amount and zero out the GST
  • Description - enter the description i.e. “Returned owner payment – End of month Nov 2014”
  • Account Code – Use account code N/A for returned owner payments or if funds are going into AAJOURNAL

NOTE: If the returned payment is a creditor payment and you wish to sundry receipt it back to the property you will need to use the same account code used as the original transaction.

  1. Click OK-F12

  1. Complete the details on the Banking details screen:
  • Payment method – this must be Direct Deposit
  • Received from - this will be who the original payment was made to i.e. owner or creditor
  1. Click OK-F12

02/02/2016 10:49 am AEDT

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