Bank Statement Filing

Macquarie Bank provides a bulk statement file to be downloaded from their website for both Operating and Investment accounts. At month end you are able to save this statement file and STRATA Master will split and file the bank statements in the Document Register / fileSMART for each Owners Corporation.

Configuration Steps

  1. Contact Macquarie Bank – the bank need to set up the monthly statement files for each facility. (Trading Accounts and Investment Accounts). The bulk statement file needs to be ‘bookmarked’ with the bank account numbers, rather than Account Name or Plan #. (A bookmark is the index for a PDF file)
  2. In Windows  – Create the following folders:

In the Strata Folder on the server create a new folder:

  • BankStatements

Within this folder create two new folders:

  • Processed
  • SplitFiles

 these folder names cannot contain spaces.

  1. In STRATA Master:

Configure:     Bank Statement Filing

Set the correct file path for both options – see below

  1. Log onto:     Macquarie Bank 
    1. Select Statements 
    2. Select the facility and month you wish to save the statement for:
    3. The PDF file will open.
    4. Save the PDF file to the location configured in STRATA Master. (See Point 3)
    5. The statement filenames should be unique and contain no spaces – see examples below.


  1. Process Bank Statements

Menu Path:    Wizards | Bank Statement Filing
The files to be processed will appear in the bank statement files window. 

Field  Description
Save to Document Register The statement file will be saved to Document Register/fileSMART – this should always be ticked
Operating Account / Investment Account  Select the bank account type – this will be included in the document register entry. Important – select one account type at a time
Month of Statement Select the month the statement is for - this will be included in the document register entry

Click the Process icon to start the process. 

Any Statements that are not recognised will be moved to the SplitFiles folder and a warning will appear that not all statements have been filed.  

  1. Split Files

Strata folder > BankStatements > Splitfiles

Review any statements and manually add these to the document register/fileSMART 

08/03/2016 9:49 am AEDT

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