How to Setup and Use the Portfolio Checker


Portfolio Checker displays a list of diary items and tasks that are due for individual property managers. The portfolio checks for tasks associated with the properties belonging to those property managers.

The Portfolio Check loads on start up when the Property manager first logs into Rest for the day however can be accessed in time through menu options.

This Document will cover:

How to Setup Portfolio Checker for a Property Manager

To make changes or edit settings to a Property Manager’s User/Password you must have the highest level of security in Rest.

  1. Go to Files > User Password
  2. Click on Search-F7 and select the Property Manager and click OK
  3. Ensure that the Property Manager tick box is ticked
  4. Tick all options Property Manager requires for tasks & diary items to appear in the ‘Automatic check at login’ section.
  5. Tick option to Load on Start up
  6. Click OK-F12

How to Use the Portfolio Checker

If the Option to Load on Start Up has been setup in User/Password, the portfolio checker will automatically generate upon logging in to Rest for the first time of the day, otherwise this can be access through the Other menu.

  1. Go to Other > Portfolio Check
  2. Click on the + symbol to preview the tasks and diary items or click on Expand All at the bottom of the checker
  3. Click on Print to either Print, Preview or Email the Portfolio check in an easy read view

The Portfolio Checker can also be configured with Alert settings. See the following steps to set up Alert Settings.

How to Change the Portfolio Checker Settings

On version 11 and above you can access the portfolio settings from the portfolio checker by clicking on Settings otherwise this can be accessed through Company Details.

NOTE: You must have the highest security level in Rest to make these changes.

  1. Go to Other > Utilities > Company Details
  2. Click on the Defaults tab
  3. Click on Portfolio Checker Edit button

  1. Edit the alert settings you would like for each task and diary items
  2. Click Save

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