How to Setup an ABA File Path in REST Professional 


An ABA file contains EFT Payments that are uploaded from REST to your Banking Software.  Within your banking software you can browse to the designated location and import the ABA file and this will process the EFT payments automatically within your banking software.


To setup up the ABA file path in REST:

  1. Go to Other > Utilities > Company Details > General Tab

  1. Complete your trust account details i.e. Trust Account number, Trust Account Name and the Bank Code

  2. You must fill in the Payment User ID/APCA Number.  This is a six digit number.

NOTE: If you fo not know you APCA, you will need to contact your banking Institution, as this is not provided by Rockend.

  1. When REST is prompted to create an ABA File for Upload to the Bank, it will look to the location specified to save the file to. To set this path, click Browse

NOTE: It is recommended that you create the file path to the server location, this way the file can be imported into the banking software from any workstation.  The path can be set to C: drive however the file will need to be imported into the banking software from the same workstation as the upload was made from.

In the above example a folder has been created on the server (R:\drive) called ABA. The file will be called mbl.aba (i.e. for Macquarie Bank which is the bank code found in the company details) so the file path will be R:\REST\ABA\mbl.aba

Steps to Change ABA File Self Balancing Information

This system option may not need to be adjusted unless advised by the bank. There are 3 types of ABA file types, they are:-

  • Self Balancing (Auto)
  • Non-self balancing (Auto)
  • Non-self balancing (Manual)

Go to Other > Utilities > System Options > System Tab

NOTE: In most cases, the banks require the Electronic Payments file (ABA) to be self- balancing.

25/07/2016 9:59 am AEST

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