How to Create an Investment Account

  1. The first step is to enter the bank account onto Strata Master:


Field Description
Bank   Select the Bank the investment account is held at. E.g. MBL 
BSB  BSB for the investment account
Account no  Account number
Branch Suburb of branch
Account Name The name of the account
Active  This box should be ticked to indicate it is a current account
Operating Account Not selected for investment accounts

  1. When the bank account is created, it needs to be assigned to a strata plan:


  • Enter strata plan number
  • Click on the Bank Account tab
  • Click on Edit (F3)
  • Under the Investment Accounts (bottom of the screen) in the Bank Account column, select the bank account you created above from the drop down list
  • In the next column ‘G.L. Account’ select the account code you wish to use from the dropdown list
  • Click on Save (F5)

You have now created an investment account and attached it to the strata plan.

02/02/2016 10:47 am AEDT

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