File Changes Report in REST Professional


The file changes report records a list of changes made to Owner details, Creditor Details, Vendors and Buyer Details and various other changes made in REST.
For each entry, the report shows the operator initials, date and time of the change.

This document will cover:

  • Setup of System Options
  • How to Generate the File Changes Report
  • Information Listed on the File Changes report & and example of the report

Setup of System Options

Some changes are automatically setup to appear on the file changes report, however some setup is required in system options if required:-

  1. Sensitive alert for report/export – Go to Other Utilities > System Options > Other Tab and tick Sensitive alert for report/export. This will allow all exports and sensitive reporting for owner/tenant/property that is exported to excel/reporting in REST to appear on the File Changes.

  1. Security alert on bond amount – Go to Other > Utilities > System Options > Miscellaneous tab (You will require a response code from Rockend to access this tab). Tick Security alert on bond amount. This will allow all bond collected amounts that are amended in the tenant card to be recorded on the File Changes.

Steps to Generate File Changes Report

  1. Go to Reports > Other > File Changes > Select the Month to Print you require
  2. Select your criteria:
  • Month to Print – select the required month
  • User - Select All to see a list of all file changes or select an individual user you wish to report on
  • Print File changes and other changes will default to being ticked
  1. Click on Preview-F11

Information Listed on File Changes Report

  • Owners entered, deleted & archived
  • Changes made to any owners’ names, addresses and bank details
  • Changes made to any sales vendors or buyers names, addresses and bank details
  • Changes made to creditors’ bank details
  • Owners, properties, tenants and bookings changed to and from an active/inactive status
  • Changes made by running a Change of Ownership wizard
  • Changes to the trust bank account details
  • Changes to the REST system date
  • Changes to the property/tenant commission rate percentages
  • When sensitive owner/tenant/property information is exported/previewed/printed from REST
  • Changes to the User/Password information in REST
  • Changes to Bond Collected amount in the tenant file
  • Global Changes to move portfolio from one manager to another
  • Restoring data anywhere in REST by any user

Example of File Changes Report

02/02/2016 10:52 am AEDT

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