How to Allocate a Property Manager to a Property


You may wish to change or allocate a New Property Manager to a property as a one off rather then as a global change for bulk properties.

This document will cover how to manually allocate a Property Manager to a Property.

From version 12.5+ an “Inspecting Agent” has been added to the list of Managers. If you are changing from an existing Property Manager to another, the Inspecting Agent field will default to the existing Property Manager; this should also be changed at this time.


  1. Go to Files > Property or click on the Property icon 
  2. Put in the alpha index of the property and press ENTER
  3. Assuming that the user is already set up as a Property Manager, you will be able to click on the drop down menu under Property Manager and allocate the appropriate Property Manager
  4. Click OK-F12

04/03/2016 3:04 pm AEDT

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