Strata Master Database Access Error - 2147467259 and others

This article will assist when a Database Access Error message appears when working in Strata Master, causing you to have to close Strata Master and re-open.

The error may intermittently pop up on one or more PC's.

Note this error number may show with details referring to printing.  If so, refer below to 'Printer Issues'.

What the Message Looks Like

The message will refer to Database Access Error and may have a different error number beginning with 2147. If your error number is 3631 or 3604 for example, this article will not apply.

The Cause

1. Intermittent drop outs (or very slow speeds) of internet or network connectivity, whatever connects the PC/s in use, to the server. This can include power saving and sleep settings.

2. Printer issues if occurring when previewing or printing.

To Resolve

1. Click this link for instruction to running the System Requirement Tool, which may highlight the cause.

How To Run a System Requirement Tool Test | MRI Knowledgebase (

2. If you are working remotely from home, you will need to address the home internet drop outs, by calling your Internet provider. To assist them, note down the time of each drop out or disruption.

3. If you are working in the office, using remote connection or using other connection, speak to your IT provider, and send them a copy of the System Requirement Tool test report. Let them know who has been experiencing the drop out and how often.

If your IT wish to speak with Support regarding the set up of your system and connections, they can call 1300 657 700 and quote your client id and log a case. Your IT can also call us to discuss other possible causes, once the internet connectivity has been investigated.

Printer Issues

Where the details in the error message refers to printer issues instead of database or connection issues, have your IT check for redirected printer issues, or a printer in your Strata Master File > Print selector which has been removed from your Windows 'devices and printers'. 

After these checks have been made, the strataprinters.ini file may require resetting.  A link to instruction for resetting the file is below. Strata Master Support can assist with this, however it is a straightforward process.

Useful Links

Resetting Strataprinters.ini File | MRI Knowledgebase (

Strata Master System Requirements | MRI Knowledgebase (

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