A Guide to Uploading Photos


Photos should be email quality JPEG files.

We recommend that photos be taken with the camera set to 640x480 pixels if available, or else ‘email quality’. We have tested photos taken with these settings and they can be printed up to A4 size and still be acceptable quality while the file size will be around 100KB or less.

Photos taken at the full resolution of some cameras could be 5MB or more, so one of these will occupy the same disk space as 50 taken at the lower resolution.

If the photos have been taken at high resolution then they should be resized to 640x480. The software supplied with most cameras as well as many other image editing programs have this feature.

These photos can be imported into the pending queue with the ‘Import’ button or simply the drag and drop function.

If the user wants to lay out a number of photos on an A4 page in Microsoft Word, Publisher, or Inspection Manager, then the file should be printed or exported to PDF at email quality and then imported and archived in fileSMART.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Colour TIFF files must not be archived.
  • Most other image types can be imported and archived but JPEG is preferable.
  • Only TIFF files can use the split, merge, and attach features of fileSMART Archive.
  • The JPEG file format doesn’t allow multipage files.

02/02/2016 10:42 am AEDT

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