Documents Sent to Pending Queue by fileSMART Printmail Autoarchive

When printing to the fileSMART Printmail Printer, the Autoarchive display will show how many documents have been successfully autoarchived, and which documents are now sitting in the pending queue of the end of month. This will be displaying in the Auto Archive window.


Log in to the End of Month (EOM) user and locate the files in the Pending Queue. It is a good idea at this stage to try and work out why these documents were not archived correctly. This can be caused by a change in the owner information, or the wrong document type. 

Incorrect Document Type

If the document is a PDF, or a colour TIFF this will prevent the document from being autoarchived and successfully attached to your email run. More information on correct document types can be found in the System Requirements document in the Knowledgebase section of the Rockend Customer Lounge.

The quickest way to ensure that this document is converted to the correct format is to print the document back into your Pending Queue using the Archive Printer. Do this by selecting the document, hitting the small print button and selecting the Archive Printer. 

This will send the document to your Pending Queue in the correct black and white TIFF format which can be archived with the correct document type, date and owner details and will be successfully attached to your collation in fileSMART Printmail. 

Change in owner information: 

If you have changed any owner or property information that day, it is possible that you will need to run an update between REST Professional and fileSMART. This needs to be done by whoever has access to your fileSMART server, by clicking on the Update FileSMART from Trust icon.

If the owner was entered previously, this can indicate that your update between REST Professional and fileSMART is not working correctly and you will need to contact fileSMART support. 

11/06/2019 4:55 pm AEST

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