STRATA Master Cloud Hosting

This article is designed to provide general information for STRATA Master users with queries about cloud requirements, or considering running STRATA Master using a cloud server solution. 


STRATA Master must be installed on a supported Windows Operating System. This operating system can be located on a server in your office, or made available in the cloud from providers such as Microsoft Azure. 

Regardless of where the system is located the system requirements are the same for a cloud solution as for a physical server.

Cloud Deployment

Cloud servers are generally made available through either a remote desktop or via terminal server connections. 

Remote Desktop

A remote desktop solution allows the end users to log in to a computer in a different location from their workstation, with the required programs loaded on the remote computer. 

Terminal Server

A terminal server connection similarly connects your workstation to a remote machine, however terminal servers can also deploy remote apps. Rather than logging into another computer outright and viewing its desktop on your own screen, a remote app sits on your normal desktop and connects to the STRATA Master program sitting on the cloud server. 

We currently have a number of clients successfully running STRATA Master through remote app deployment.


If you're looking to deploy a hosted cloud solution for STRATA Master, or to migrate your existing business systems, there are a few important things to consider:

  • Your cloud hosting service provider. 
  • The administrator for your cloud service. Your IT provider may be able to perform this role; the responsibility to manage your systems remains the same (i.e. upgrading programs and backing up data) but you should make sure they have the facilities to do so with your changing setup.
  • The backup and disaster recovery options of the hosted cloud solution. This should be detailed by the administrator of your hosted cloud service. 

Contact Chill IT for a cloud hosting provider with experience deploying and administrating Rockend solutions.

Advantages of Cloud provided systems

  • No hardware in office
  • Available anywhere on demand via remote or terminal server 
  • Can connect on a range of different devices
  • No need to take offsite backups

Advantages of Local Servers

  • Complete control and management of your data and systems
  • Depending on the scale of your business, local servers can be more affordable for some agencies
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