Cannot Backup in Strata Master

This article is designed to assist you when you already know how to backup your data, however the normal process is not working.

Backups are very important and recommended that there be at least one backup run each day. Without backups, you may need to rekey months of work if your database is infected. Therefore back ups kept separate from the network are also recommended.

If you need assistance with how to backup, refer this article -

General Causes of Backup Issues

  • Disk space,  in the drive selected for the back up, could be limited
  • The drive specified for the back up in configure > Display and Set Config Values > Backup tab, may not be accessible from this machine. This may be a permissions issue or the folder Strata master is looking for may no longer exist.

General Resolution

Test a backup on another computer. Firstly, you will then possibly have a backup and secondly it assists narrow down the cause of the problem.

Have your IT investigate either of the issues in General Causes above. 

Note the link provides very good information on the paths selected for backups.


If you are receiving an error message, this can provide more insight into the cause of the problem. Please take a screenshot of the error and forward to your IT or to Strata Master Support when you log a support case.

Logging a Support Case

If your IT believes that there is no disk space or access issues to prevent the backup was running, then log a case through your MyMRI portal or call 1300 657 700, attaching any screenshots, and providing any information provided by your IT.

19/07/2022 7:00 pm AEST

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