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Property Management and expectations from customers have shifted significantly over the past 30 years as well as some of the biggest legislations changes the industry has ever seen. As the industry and expectations continue to evolve so has Rest Professional. In the Celebrating Rest Professional session this year we shared highlights from recent and current product releases and a few tips and tricks to help you continue to get the most out of your software.

This article lists all the resources for topics that were covered in the Ascend 2021 Celebrating Rest Professional session.

Articles that cover items from recent releases

Articles that cover topics on how to declutter your database

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How to use MyMRI Portal

The MyMRI Portal is primarily a platform to log new support cases for your company and keep up to date with the progress of outstanding cases by viewing notes and updates from our Support Team.

Rest Professional Training 

Visit the MRI Training Academy at to view the Rest Professional Self-Paced Release Training. 

Select Rest Professional and Self-Paced to locate the Release training options plus more!

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