Installation instructions for SQL 2014 Express

The following steps are designed to install a new SQL 2014 instance on an existing STRATA Master Server.

NOTE: If you are relocating STRATA Master to a new server contact Rockend

This document should be used in conjunction with advice from your IT Technician and assumes that only STRATA Master is using the existing SQL installation

  1. Click on the link below to download SQL 2014 Express.  The download may take between 10 minutes up to an hour depending on your internet connection
  1. Enter the password: Rockend
  2. Where the zip file has been marked as BLOCKED by Windows, UNBLOCK the zip file:
  3. Right click on the file, under the General tab click select UNBLOCK and extract the install files to a temporary folder on your server
  4. Right click and Select Run as Administrator to launch InstallRockendSQL2014.bat which will install the RockendSQL2014 instance
  5. Ensure all users are logged out of STRATA Master, and using SQL Management Studio perform a backup from your existing SQL instance
  6. Restore the backup to the new SQL instance, you may need to change the path for the .MDF and .LDF database files as these locations are being used by the existing SQL instance.
  7. Add any firewall exceptions if required, and reconnect each of the workstations to the new instance by updating the Strata.udl connection files; i.e. c:\strata\strata.udl
  8. Stop and disable the old SQL Instance

07/09/2021 3:07 pm AEST

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