How to Purge and Compress Property Maintenance Records


You have the ability to Purge and Compress your Property Maintenance in REST. This either purges the already deleted items or it deletes old property maintenance up to a certain date. The two options are:-

  • Compress – This recovers space from records already deleted
  • Purge and Compress – Deletes records up to a certain date

If you wish to purge (delete) your Property Maintenance records, a response code is required from Rockend.


  1. Ensure all users are logged out of REST
  2. Do a backup of your data through Files > Archive > Backup and ensure you rename the backup i.e./
  3. Go to Other > Utilities > Purge record
  4. You will be prompted to backup (which should have been completed prior to proceeding). Click OK

  1. Select the File you wish to purge i.e. select Property Maintenance File

  1. Select option to Purge & Compress. This will delete records out of Property Maintenance up to the selected date. Please enter a date of when you would like to purge records up to. NOTE: All items prior to this date will no longer be available (ie/ you may wish to delete all records and only keep the last 12 months on the system )

  1. Click on Advanced and select which type of work order file you would like to purge. You have the option of selecting a few, some or all of them. If you do not make a selection, it will default to purge and compress Completed and Rejected items only

NOTE: Selecting property maintenance jobs with status other then Completed or Rejected will result in jobs being deleted which may be incomplete, so ensure that this is considered prior to purging.

  1. Click OK F12. This will confirm the purge to date and the amount of items that will be purged. An option will appear to print out the Property Maintenance file records that will be deleted. If you say YES to this message, you can then go print out the reports through Reports > Property Maintenance

  1. By clicking NO to this message, a confirmation will then appear of how many records will be deleted. It will ask if you want to proceed with the purge and also remind you to get all users out of REST. Say Yes to the below message to proceed

  1. At this point, you will require ROCKEND to supply with you a response code. Enter the response code given by ROCKEND to complete the Purge

  1. A System Recovery will automatically be run and all selected property maintenance will be deleted to the specified date
10/03/2016 10:09 am AEDT

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