How to Generate an Account Sale in REST Professional


The Account Sale is specifically designed for Victorian users and prints a sales statement for the Vendor which shows:

  •  The deposit taken – Counts each transaction that uses Type Deposit.

  •  The commission amount including GST entered in the Financial Tab of the Sales Detail

  •  The advertising amount including GST entered as the budget amount in the Property Tab of the Sales Details

  •  The settlement amount due to the vendor which is calculated as the deposit minus the commission and advertising


1. Go to Reports > Sales > Account Sales

Select Criteria as required:

  •  You can select All Vendors, a range or select a specific Vendor.

  •  Group – If sales groups are setup, select the required group

  •  Status – You can filter this by the status of the sale

  •  Salesperson – You can filter this by select All or a particular salesperson

  •  Type - This can be sent to Vendor, Vendors Solicitor or both

  •  Print comments – If global statement comments setup, tick this box to include the comment at the bottom of the account sales.

  •  Incl Completed/fallen over – Tick if you would like sales that are marked as completed fallen over


  1. Click on print Print-F12 or Preview-F11

The account sale will show the address of the sale property, purchaser name and sale price, together with the amounts as reflected on the sale card.

NOTE: The amounts with a  * include a GST component and reflect the total GST at the bottom of the account sale.

02/02/2016 10:55 am AEDT

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