REST Professional Version 16.5.03 General Release Notes

By upgrading to REST Professional v16.5.03 today, you will benefit from improvements and new features including the following:   

  • Asbestos:   Asbestos information can now be managed for each property in REST Professional. Also, you will now be able to run an Asbestos Inspections Report, and have Asbestos information available as export and merge fields.
  • Rent Renegotiation:    A warning prompt will display when saving the Tenant Details screen if a tenant's direct debit amount is less than the tenant's rent amount.  When generating the Tenant Direct Debit Details report, rent changes will display for tenants with negotiated changes, for example: 'Rent changes 25/06/2018 to $1,200.00/W1'.  

For more information on how to use and benefit from the new Asbestos capabilities in REST Professional v16.5.03 click on the link to view:

Asbestos Information and Video

Interested to know what else is new in REST Professional v16.5.03?    Read these Version 16.5.03 Release Notes that we have put together for you.
 Get more out of each day and perform at your best with REST Professional v16.5.03! 

08/05/2018 10:44 am AEST

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