Add an Additional Address to a Strata Plan in Strata Master

A Strata Plan or Building (referred to as Plan in this article) may have some properties located on roads that are not the main address of the Plan. When Levy Notices are sent, they would have the incorrect address on them.

You can add an address to the Plan and select that address for required Lots.

The Example

Lots 12, 13,14 and 15 face another street.  That street is their official address and where they have their letterboxes. We will be changing their street number to 6 Grammy Street.

The Steps

Add the Address

1. Click on the Structure tab of the Corp screen.

2. Click the Edit button above the Plan number.

3. Locate the 'Other Addresses' section of the Structure tab.

4. Enter relevant details in each field.

5. Click Save. 

Update the Lots Tab

6. Click the Lots tab.

7. Click the Edit button.

8. Click into the right hand side of the address line for Lot 12, and a drop down box appears.

9. Select the required address, in this case 6 Grammy Street.

10. Click the save button.

Update The Main Contact for Owner

11. Double click on the Lot. The Lot card opens to the General tab.

12. Click the edit button

13. CLick the edit button on the Main contact for owner box.

14. Edit the address as required.

15. Click Save 

16. Then continue with the other Lots, as in steps 6 to 15 above.

17.  The final result of the example given.

20/10/2023 7:48 pm AEDT

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