How to Setup Existing Tenant - Management Take over


You may have received a new management on a property that has been previously managed by another agency.  You will need to ensure you get a print out from the previous agency to confirm the details of the tenants paid to date including any credits they may have.  We would recommend you obtain the tenant status report and tenant ledger together with all lease documentation and relevant information.

This document will cover setting up the tenant card to reflect the details from the other agency.


  1. Create the Owner and Property Cards in REST Professional as usual, for more information on how to do this see documents “How to Add a New Owner Card in REST” and “How to Add a New Property Card in REST”.

  2. Go to Files > Tenant and click on Add Mode-F4.Enter the details from the information received from the previous agent:

  3. Enter the information on the General Tab:

  • Original lease date – Enter the date the tenant originally moved into the property
  • Lease start date – Enter the start date of the current lease agreement
  • Lease end date – Enter the lese expiry of the current lease agreement
  • Bond required – Enter the amount of Bond required if any
  • Bond no – Enter the bond no if there is one, otherwise enter the number once you have lodged the bond
  • Bond Collected – Enter the total of bond collected as per information provided from the previous agent
  1. Enter the information on the Rental Tab:

  • Amount & Period – Confirm the rent amount and period is correct, this information will be automatically generated from the rent amount and period entered on the property card. If it is not correct, update as required
  • Paid to Date – Enter the paid to date as stated on the previous agents leger
  • Credit – If the previous agents records reflect that the tenant has a credit amount, this can be recorded in theCredit Last Month field

NOTE: If the tenant is a commercial tenant, you will also need to enter the GST portion of rent to the Commercial Tab under GST on Credit Last Month

  1. Enter the information on the Inspections Tab:

  • Enter the Date & Time the next Inspection is due, and change the Inspection Type to Routine

  1. Enter the information on the Renegotiation Tab:

  • New Rent amount - Enter details of any pending rent increases
  • Rent Review Date – Enter the date the rent is to be reviewed if required

  1. Enter the information on the Notes/Mail/Reminder Tab:

  • Tenant File Notes - Enter any relevant file notes as required
  • Postal Address -  Enter the postal address if this differs from the property address
  1. Enter the information on the Invoices Tab:

  •  Enter any outstanding invoices that need to be reflected against the tenant
  1. Enter the information on theCommercial Tab (if required):

  • If the tenant is a commercial tenant and If the rent attracts GST, enter a GST start date for the date prior to the lease start date and update any GST on credit last month as required
  1. Click OK–F12 to save changes
04/03/2016 3:04 pm AEDT

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