The Pre Migration Wizard

The Pre Migration Wizard should be used to ensure a smooth and successful migration of data from Rest Professional into Property Tree. Using the Pre Migration Wizard will ensure your data is prepared prior to migration. It is also vital if you wish to migrate Owners income and expenditure records for the current financial year. 


Prior to installation and use it is important to ensure:

  • Your Rest Professional Database is on version 18.5.03 or above
  • You have the highest security level access in Rest Professional
  • You have a sound understanding of Accounts

Installing the Pre Migration Wizard

You will be provided a link to the Pre Migration Wizard by a Rockend Project Coordinator as a part of your initial conversations. 

To begin the install

  1. Click on the link provided, a web browser will open
  2. Click on the setup.exe to begin the installation
  3. When prompted click Install on the application
  4. The Rest Professional to Property Tree Pre Migration Wizard will begin downloading

Once the Wizard has been installed it will automatically open and an icon will appear on your desktop. 

Accessing the Pre Migration Wizard

To access the Wizard click on your desktop icon. The wizard will automatically connect to your database, if you have multiple databases you can select from the drop down. 

You will be prompted to enter your Rest Professional password for access.

Once you have access you are able to begin the steps to validate your data and map your accounts. 

01/09/2020 9:22 am AEST

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