Editing the Meeting Agenda or Minutes Template in Strata Master

When you need to update or edit the Agenda or Minutes for all future meetings, this article will assist you.

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The article linked above will assist you to -

  •  Navigate to the location of the Template to be edited.
  • edit motions to appear, or not appear, in the agenda or minutes.

The article above may resolve your issue. If not, read on.

Editing text in an Agenda Item (Including Motions)

1. You can edit text in an agenda item simply by clicking into the text area and typing.

2. You can backspace and remove unwanted text.

3. There are formatting options, so I can highlight the text, click A and change the font and size of my text 

4. On the right there are merge fields available in Meetings. When in a specific meeting, the merge fields will pull relevant information from the relevant Plan or individual lots. Merge fields show in the template inside these characters << and >>.

5. to add a merge field, simply click where you want the merge field to apply and then select the merge field. The merge field will appear where you had left the mouse icon.

6. if you have pictures or other graphics you wish to include with a Meeting, they would be attached to each individual meeting at the time that the Meeting agenda or minutes are created.

07/11/2022 3:13 pm AEDT

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