Choosing to host a REST Database on a Network Storage Device (NAS)


It is important for all customers that Rockend products are installed and optimised for performance as well as reliability.

This is best achieved by following our System Requirements.  

The REST Database may appear as a set of files, but is designed and tested to be hosted on a supported Microsoft Windows operating System. This is due to some critical functionality that runs server side, as well as our Microsoft support and diagnostics tools which need to interrogate the file locking and file access mechanisms in the operating system.

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Some environments may have a hosted REST Database on a Network Storage Device with some success, however, not all features will be functional and our support will be heavily restricted.

This may incur additional support charges. In this instance whether the issue is due to the Network Storage Device or not we will require that the REST Database is moved to a supported Microsoft Windows operating System so we can investigate accurately and efficiently.

Additionally this means there is possible risk of not only data corruption but also extended downtime to critical functionality. Data corruption may also incur additional support charges.

We strongly recommend that this is covered between all customers and IT Support Technicians, including all relevant risks, before deciding on the ideal location of the REST Database.

Our products are designed and tested on Microsoft Operating Systems. To Relocate a REST Database, please refer to our article to assist you on How to Relocate a REST Database.

If you have any further questions regarding your environment or our system requirements, please contact Rockend support for further information on 1300 657 700.

21/06/2017 1:01 pm AEST

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