Meeting Agenda or Minutes Will Not Preview

This article will assist you, when in the Meeting Agenda or Minutes, to resolve the issue where clicking on the preview button brings up an error message, possibly an error 70, relating to attachments.

Similarly, you may find that clicking on the preview button does not result in any error message or a preview. Nothing happens.

The Attachment/s to the Agenda or Minutes are the most likely cause of this issue.

This article can also help you when there are other issues with attachments, so read on.

How Do Attachments Cause a Problem

This a simplified explanation -

1. When attachments are uploaded to the Wizard, the attachments have settings in the background that Strata Master reads. If these attachments have been copied from the internet or sent to you by email from another party, an attachment can have settings that are unreadable or in other ways prevent upload. 

Most commonly, these files have a Read-only permission. These permissions are inherited when creating an Agenda and causes the whole process to fail. 

2. In the original 'settings',  settings such as 'landscape' can also be ported through and even though a preview shows the document in portrait, it can then print in landscape.

3. A user opening the meeting may not have permissions to the location of the attachments. Attachments should be saved on the server in a shared drive and location.

Steps To Remove Attachments

1. Highlight the attachment to remove and click on the red cross (x).

2. The attachment will no longer appear.

3. At this point you can click the preview button to see if the offending attachment has been removed, or continue to remove attachments.

Steps To Re-Attach and Identify the Attachment Causing the Problem

1. Select the green plus (+) button and browse to a required attachment, rename as required.

2. Click the preview to test.  If the preview works, then the attachment is acceptable.

3. Select the green (+) button again and browse to another required attachment, rename as required.

4. Click the preview to test. Continue to add and test each attachment.

When an Attachment Prevents the Preview From Working

Your options are -

1. Print out and re-scan the document. This is the most effective way of removing any hidden settings or permissions.

2. Save it in a different format which successfully removes the hidden settings.

3. If an attachment has a Read-only permission, that will need to be removed. The Temp folder in AppData also needs to be cleared to flush the existing temp file with offending permission. You would need your IT person's assistance with this option. Otherwise we suggest you follow options 1 or 2.

Still getting an Error 70 ?

Error 70 is an access or permissions issue and once the above is checked, it could be the location of the attachments is the problem. This means you will need to find out why your workstation is not able to access the location of the attachment/s. Note that you can have access and then access can suddenly be denied when a setting is changed, perhaps through work being performed on the server for example.  This is why you need to talk to your IT.

There are 2 tests you can do before contacting your IT -

1. Save the attachment/s on your workstation, in your C drive, and if you can then preview without an error then you know you have an access issue to the original shared location of the attachment/s. Unfortunately, if you leave the attachments linked through your C drive, other people won't be able to access them through the meeting later.

2. See if another user can open the meeting preview without an error with the attachments in the original shared location. This would indicate your workstation requires the same access.

Contacting Support

If you follow the above steps and still have a problem, then log a case with support through your MyMRI portal or by calling 1300 657 700 or through LiveChat, ensuring you inform us of any error message,  and that you have removed attachments and added them one by one to test.

If you do not have a MyMRI portal login, please mention to a Customer Support Agent when you call or chat, so your log in can be arranged.

16/12/2022 1:04 pm AEDT

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