Strata Master Version 15.0.5 Release Notes

Feature Summary

Remove Levy Notice Company Logo

A new configuration option has been added to allow clients to hide their Agency branding on levy notices and owner invoices.

New Voting Invitation templates

A new voting invitation template has been created for sending voting instructions to Owners when utilizing the Strata Connect portals for Online Voting.

Mandatory Audit for ACT

The mandatory audit calculation in Quick Reports has been updated to include plans in the ACT.

Strata Hub Bulk Process Column Sorting

Users can now sort the columns by clicking column headers within the Strata Hub Process screen.

Chain link for bulk process

A chain link button has been added to the Strata Hub processing screen. This allows users to select a particular plan and navigate to the strata hub register for that plan by clicking the chain link button.

What we fixed

GST on Receipts Report - GST Plans

An issue has been fixed where under certain circumstances, the GST total displayed on the receipts report was incorrect. An option has also been added to remove this column, as the GST Summary and GST detail reports provide more accurate GST information.

NSW Quorum Adjustment

An error has been found in the way Quorum was calculating for NSW-based Strata Plans. The Quorum calculation was based on Total Lots instead of Financial Lots. This has been corrected.

GST Reports - Discounts

An inaccuracy was found when processing levies with discounts for a GST-registered plan using the cash basis. This has been resolved.

Download Bank Statement - Charge Unpaid Interest

Under certain circumstances, interest was not raised as a subsequent owner invoice when the ‘charge unpaid interest’ checkbox was ticked. This issue has been resolved.

Balance Sheet & Sub Accounts

An issue has been fixed where sub-accounts were not displaying correctly on the balance sheet.

Error 13 - Quick Reports > Creditors > Chain-link

An error occurred when using the Chain Link button within Quick Reports > Creditors tab. This issue has been resolved.

Current Owner Report Missing Footer Date

The date was not displayed on the Current Owner Account report. This issue has been resolved.

Run Time Error 438 - Voting Register

An error was displayed when sorting the columns within the Meeting Attendance section while completing minutes using the Meeting Wizard. This issue has been resolved.

Strata Master Document Register New Levy Folder

When re-issuing levies and selecting not to overwrite the file name, the levy notices displaying in the levy folder of the Strata Master DMS were being overwritten. In addition, the original levy notice also displayed a ‘reprinted date’ in this case. Both issues have been resolved.

An error occurred processing Direct Debit payments - Lot 105 in PS 726450U

When processing direct debit payments, an error was received when using certain Non-Alphanumeric characters. Strata Master now strips these characters from the temporary text file generated for direct debit processing.

Miscellaneous Owner Invoice - Date Spinner

An error was found when adjusting the date selector in the Miscellaneous Owner Invoice screen. This issue has been resolved.

Submeter Tariff

Fixed an issue where the tariff included on sub-meter invoices was not displaying correctly.

Labels for Residents with a PO Box

Under certain circumstances, when creating labels for Residents, the tenant contact details were displayed instead of the resident contact details.

Registered Lots on Owner Portal

Within the owners portal, the total lots figure displayed was including additional debtors. This has been adjusted and is now displaying correctly.

Unallocated Monies to a Lot

A prompt has been added when issuing an invoice to a lot with unallocated money. This will prompt the user to allocate this money before issuing the invoice to clarify the total payment required for their owner.

Quick Reports > Registers - Report Headings

Within Quick Reports, specific headings were displayed incorrectly when previewing a report. These have all been corrected.

How to disable Show on Portals prompt for File Smart.

Under certain circumstances, clients who have disabled owner portals were still receiving a ‘save to portals’ prompt from File Smart. Therefore, a new option has been added to Configuration settings to remove the save to portals prompt.

Owner/Committee Portal - Home Page: Maintenance

The Owners Portal displayed a summary of work orders and quotes, even when the maintenance page was hidden. This has been corrected.

Error 13 Strata Hub Register

An error occurred in the Strata Hub Register if a building insurance coverage type was entered with an Alpha reference. This issue has been fixed.

Backdated receipts from Manual receipting

In some circumstances, backdating receipts included an interest calculation at the system date rather than the backdated receipt date. This has been corrected.

Hover Over Text in Strata hub Processing

The hover-over text for the process button in the Strata Hub Processing screen was mislabeled. This error has been fixed.

Remove Building Name sync back from Strata Hub register to Corp screen.

The building name field entered into the Strata Hub register synced to the corporation screen. This error has been fixed.

Strata Hub Committee member's first and last names

An issue has been fixed where the committee member names were not pulling through correctly into the Strata Hub register. This issue has been resolved.

General Ledger Report isn't filtering correctly.

The general ledger report was not filtering selected accounts properly. This issue has been resolved.

Strata hub - Adjust Capital Works Fund Balance - Investment Accounts

The Strata Hub ‘Capital Works Fund Balance’ field has been adjusted to include Investment Accounts in the calculation.

Debt Recovery - Calculate interest to

Within the Debt Recovery screen, a warning message regarding the entry date appeared at incorrect times. This issue has been fixed.

Communication Wizard > Levy Contacts - Agent: Levy Email Address

When sending bulk emails using the Levy Contact, the Agent Levy email address did not populate correctly, and the levy email address was being used instead. This issue has been resolved.

Chain Link in Quick Reports broken.

In certain circumstances, the chain link button in Quick Reports was throwing an error. This issue has been resolved.

28/03/2023 8:41 am AEDT

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