Arrears Figures For A Past Date in Strata Master

The Aged Arrears report in Strata Master is always produced as at the date that you generate the report. The current date is the date that is most applicable to managing arrears and debt recovery.

If, on the other hand, you are gathering information for statistical purposes or for comparisons, for example, there are other reports you can use.

Levy Positions Report

The Levy Positions Report can be generated for a date at end of month.

1. Select Form Reports from top toolbar and then select Levy Positions Report from the list -

2. Enter the Plan number, select period end (this will show figures as at the last day of that month), and select Arrears as show below.

3. Click ok

4. The report generates and a report is available at the bottom of your screen or will preview on your screen. Screenshot of the document icon on the lower Taskbar is shown here.

5. Clicking the document icon opens a report that shows arrears as at the selected date. Note there will be a page for Admin Fund and a page for Capital Works Fund.

6. The interest figure is additional to the levies, and is an accrued figure.

7. Note that Miscellaneous Owner Invoices do not show in the arrears figure.

18/01/2023 7:28 pm AEDT

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