How to Generate the Business Summary Report in REST Professional


This report produces an MS Excel Spreadsheet which includes all the information required to value your rent roll. The Business Summary Spreadsheet offers the ability to enter the current rent roll multiplier and will calculate the value of the rent roll by multiplying the annual commission by the multiplier. The Spreadsheet also calculates the average monthly rent, annual rent, average management fee %, monthly management
fee and annual management fee.

By using the sort and filter capabilities of Excel, you can get reports showing management fees by type of property, number of bedrooms, area code, manger etc.

The numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking and type of property are exported from the advertising details tab on the property screen.

If you have the Holiday Booking Module, a separate worksheet is created for holiday properties within the same Spreadsheet but does not include any totals or averages.

This report is only available in excel format.

This report is only visible and available to users with the highest REST access privileges and to further protect the data, REST adds an entry on the Files Changes Report every time this report is run. If you have enabled sensitive change alerts, an email is sent to warn that this report has been run.


  1. Go to Reports > Other > Business Summary Report
  2. Select the relevant search criteria
  3. Enter the required rent roll multiplier. REST will calculate the value of the rent roll by multiplying the annual commission by the multiplier.
  4. Click on Export F-10 & browse to where you wish REST to save this Spreadsheet once generated, Click save.

Business Summary Spread Sheet Example

02/02/2016 10:44 am AEDT

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