How to Change a Tenant Anniversary Date in REST Professional 


You may be required to change your tenant’s rent cycle for various different reasons.

You will be required to change the tenants anniversary date in REST so that the rent falls due on the new day/date.


The tenant is currently paid to the 15th and has requested to change their anniversary/due date to the 20th.
They pay weekly.


  1. Using your rent calculator, work out the daily rental rate. Tenant’s Weekly Rent = $500.00

You would need to advise your tenant the amount to pay so the daily amount can be receipted at the time of making these changes.

EXAMPLE: 15/07/2013 – 20/07/2013 = 5 days rent @ $357.14

  1. Change the period to D1 and change the rent rate to the daily rate from your rent calculator. This will prompt the system to calculate the rent at a daily rate.

  1. Enter the monthly amount back into REST in the Reneg/Inspect Tab to take effect immediately after you have receipted the daily rent amount.

  1. When the tenant pays the requested amount, receipt the daily received amount to the tenant (5 days in this case = $357.14) this will take the tenant now paid to the new anniversary date.

04/03/2016 3:04 pm AEDT

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