Work Order Comment for 1 Plan in Strata Master


Learn how to add a work order comment for only one plan in Strata Master.

This article will take you through the set up which consists of -

1. Entering the Compliance Register Type

2. Linking the Compliance Register Type and Message to the Plan

3. Editing the Message in the Plan


Should it be necessary to add a work order comment specific to a particular Plan, you can do so through Registers in the relevant Plan. This will avoid having the comment appear on work orders for Plans where the comment is not relevant. This could, for example, occur when the Plan portfolio is spread over a few council jurisdictions.

When there are more Plans to add the same work order message to, once the Compliance Register Type is entered, you do not need to repeat this part of the process. Go straight to the process for linking the additional Plans.

Entering the Compliance Register Type

1. Configure > Register Types > Compliance Register Types

2. Click the Add button and add details.  There is an example below. Note that you require a Y in both columns. At this point is important to know that the message you add here can then be further edited in each Plan.


3. Then open the Plan, select Registers icon, and then the compliance tab

4. Click edit and the green + button to add a line.

5. Click into the Compliance type field and select the option you just created in step 2 above. The message will add automatically.

6.  Note that you can, in the Register > Compliance tab screen, edit each message to make it specific to the Plan that is opened.

Linking the Compliance Register Type and Message to the Plan

1. Navigate to the Corp > Registers icon.

2. Select the Compliance tab.

3. Click the edit button and the green add button. A line will appear for completion. You may note other compliance items already listed.

4. Click into the compliance type field, and select an item from the Compliance type list pop-up.

5. Scroll to the right hand side of that line, click into the Message field and enter details in the Message pop up.

Note: It is not necessary to complete the Creditor/Inspection/Contact fields for an item that is only a work order comment.

6. Click the Save button.  This message will then show on work orders and quotes for this Plan only.

7. See below if this message needs editing.

Editing the Message in the Plan

1. You can go back to the item entered above, scroll right to the message, and click into the message field.

2. This will bring up a popup where you can edit the message. This example is edited to add the key safe number.

Note - Editing in this screen will not change the message created in the Compliance Type settings. Only this Plan is affected by this edit.

04/07/2024 1:29 pm AEST

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