Bulk Email - Export Email Addresses to an Excel Spread Sheet


There may be circumstances where you would like to bulk email your Owners or Tenants a PDF or other type of attachment. These instructions are useful to enable you to send an ad-hoc email to your owners for a Newsletter or a one off notice for example.

This document will assist you to export your owner/tenant details to an excel spreadsheet, copy the email address column and then paste the addresses into the bcc of a new email.

Note: This is for generic emails only and they are not saved into owner/tenant document management.


  1. Go to Other > Export Data

  2. Select the criteria:

    • Export to – Excel

    • Merge with – Select Owners or Tenants as required

    • Email address – Select Valid

    • Selection – Select All

    • Output File Name – Type a file name for the excel spreadsheet. i.e. emails for newsletter

  1. Click on Start F12

  2. NOTE: You may be prompted with a warning about sensitive data, click Yes to proceed

  3. An Excel Spreadsheet will generate. Click on the Excel icon in your toolbar at the bottom of your screen

  4. Find the column that your tenant/owner email addresses are located in. You may need to scroll across to find them. For example owner email addresses are generally located in column AC

  1. Open a new email in Microsoft Outlook

  2. Paste the email addresses into the BCC (blind carbon copy) field to ensure the recipients can’t see each other’s email addresses

  3. Enter the email information attaching necessary documents

  4. Click Send

NOTE: This email will not save into document management

02/02/2016 10:59 am AEDT

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