How to Refund a Levy Payment to an Owner in STRATA Master


STRATA Master can create a levy refund by cheque or EFT.  This is used when there is to be a physical transfer of cash back to a lot owner.  As a rule, STRATA Master will only allow a refund to be processed where a lot has a pre-paid/unallocated balance.

If the lot does not have a prepaid or unallocated balance, refer to article How to Refund Levy When the Lot is not Prepaid in STRATA Master

Go to Accounting > Adjustments > Refund Levy

  • Lot / Plan - Select the Lot and Plan number

Refund Details

  • Payment Type - Select the payment type.  NOTE: STRATA Master will default to Direct Entry, change to Cheque if required
  • Refund To - Confirm/update the 'Refund to' details section
  • Total Amount - Enter the amount you wish to refund in the field 'Total Amount'

NOTE:  This does not need to the balance of pre-paid/unallocated - a part can be issued

  • Description - Add to or change as required

Refund Allocation

  • Using the grid at the bottom of the screen, select the fee(s) paid to be included in the refund.

NOTE: If no line items appear, there is neither a prepaid balance nor unallocated monies on this lot

  • Click on Process > Print (F7)  You have now saved the levy refund and the system will print/email a cheque/remittance
  • If paying via Direct Entry the payment will be included in the next Direct Entry Payments run.

15/09/2016 9:52 am AEST

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