Configuring Agent Emails and Levy Notice Emails to Agent in Strata Master

A Levy Notice email for agents is provided that is separate from the email for Notices.

This article will illustrate how to enter details for 2 separate purposes to the Agents Contact Card and also clarify other important points in regard to Agents contact.

Adding 2 Email Addresses

1. Select Manage in the top toolbar, then Contacts.

2. Select the Real estate agents as in screenshot below. 

3. Click the search binoculars, and a list of Agents shows.

4. Select the required agent and click edit. The contact card opens.

5. Enter the levy email address as requested by the Agent and click Save.

6. The Lot Owners screen for the Agent will now shows as below.

7. Ensure the Levies tab on the Lot owner card shows levies delivery as 'email'. Alternatively you may wish to leave the Levies as sent to the owners address with the Agent ticked as an additional email.

What Communication Does the Levy Email address receive?

The levy email address receives Levy Notices, Debt Recovery Notices and Misc Owner Invoices. As Owners should be informed of debt recovery notices, you may select to add the owner as an additional email for Debt Recovery, or suggest to all owners that they receive a copy of all Levy Notices to keep them informed. 

Bulk messages to Agents will go to the normal Email address.

Other correspondence also will go to the Owner or the Agent normal address as selected during those processes.

If You Have An Agent Saying the Levy Notices go to The Wrong Email Address

You can test it by -

- Temporarily changing the relevant Agent Levy Email to your email address. 

- Also change the normal Agent Email address to another coworkers email. 

- Then send a Levy Notice

- If you receive the Levy Notice, then Strata Master is sending as intended and the issue will be with -

  • The Agent was redirecting emails
  • Outlook, so perhaps Outlook needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled
  • The update was only made recently to the Levy Email address in Strata Master and was previously set as the Email address

- If your coworker receives the Levy Notice to the normal Agent Email address then log a case with Strata Master Support.

02/11/2022 7:29 pm AEDT

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