How to Reverse an Outstanding Disbursement in REST Professional


There may be a need to reverse an outstanding disbursement in REST due to an error, duplication or a journal that has been posted as an outstanding disbursement incorrectly.

The funds have now yet been debited from the owner or sale card but the disbursement needs to be reversed.

  1. Go to Transactions > Cancel Transactions > Outstanding Disbursements

  2. Select from:

    • Creditor Disbursement

    • Owner Charges

    • Sales Disbursement

NOTE: Owner charges are transactions that have been created as a journal transaction i.e. letting fee journal where there were insufficient funds to process and created as an outstanding disbursement

  1. Enter the alpha index of the Creditor, Owner or Sale card and press Enter

  2. Click onSearch-F7 and highlight the disbursement to be reversed and click OK

  1. The details of the transaction will generate at the bottom of the screen, Click OK-F12

  2. A message will appear “Are you sure you want to cancel the transaction?” Select Yes

    NOTE: Outstanding disbursements can also be deleted by going to Transactions > Outstanding Disbursements > Edit Outstanding Disbursements or  Edit Sales Outstanding Disbursements, enter the Property alpha and press enter, click on By Property-F7/By CreditorF5, highlight the disbursement to be reversed, click OK and then click on Delete-F3 and click on Yes to cancel the transaction.

02/02/2016 10:59 am AEDT

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