How to do a Management Fee Breakdown Report


You may have an instance where you need to calculate the management fee charged on each receipt i.e. the owner may query the total amount charged for one month and to ascertain how the total fee collected was arrived at, the breakdown of management fee on each receipt may need to be calculated.

You can check the audit report which will show you a breakdown of the fee’s charged for each transaction.

This document will cover:

  • How to Preview the Audit Report
  • Understanding the Audit Report
  • Example of Audit Report

How to Preview the Audit Report

  1. Go to Cash Book > Audit Report

  • Month to Print - Select the month the receipt was processed in by selecting from the drop down menu
  • Range - Enter Start from and Finish at dates for the required period or leave default to ALL to collect all transaction in the selected month
  • Include Fees - When this checkbox is checked, the management fees, tax, bank charges and GST are shown for each transaction.
  • Transactions - Select either all or the specific type of transaction to print
  1. Click on Preview–F11

Understanding the Audit Report

The audit report lists in chronological order, all transactions processed for the period. This report provides for a complete listing at the end of month or between specific dates during the month. By clicking on the binoculars icon  on the toolbar you can search for the receipt number you require. Click on Find Next to find the transaction.

The information listed on the audit report is as follows:

  • Date – Date the transaction was processed
  • Ref – Receipt, cheque, eft reference or journal number
  • Type – Type of transaction processed. i.e. rent receipt, quick disbursement, owner payment
  • Details - Details of the transaction, i.e. tenant code number, owner/tenant/creditor name, description of journal etc.
  • Chq Date – Date the cheque or eft was processed
  • Property – The property the transaction was processed from
  • Tent/Cred – Tenant or Creditor alpha that the transaction was processed for
  • Op – Initials of the REST user who processed the transaction
  • M.Fee – Management Fee charged on the transaction
  • Taxes/Bnk Chg – Any Taxes or bank charges charged on the transaction
  • GST – GST charged on the transaction
  • Amount Incl – Total amount of the transaction including GST

Example of Audit Report

02/02/2016 10:55 am AEDT

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