Mail-Merge Mastery

This ongoing series of tips aims to show how to send personalised bulk mailouts to the owners and residents of a property, using information saved in STRATA Master.

Using Mail-Merge in STRATA Master

The first tip shows how you can improve the quality of your communications, without adding more time to the process. 

Using STRATA Master's mail-merge function allows you to address the residents by their name, adding a personal touch to your mail and making residents more likely to engage with and remember its content.

Mail Merge Templates

Our second tip shows you how to set up a template in STRATA Master for the email and letters that you send regularly. 

Setting up templates means you only need to type up a letter once, then merge in the individual details every time you need it - no more copying and pasting each time!

Mail-merge to Email

It's not just letters that can be created and sent in bulk using mail-merge, but emails as well. 

The third tip in the series shows how you can use one of your templates to send personalised emails to your clients via mail-merge.

Mail-merge to Post and Email

We've seen how to do a mail-merge to post, and how to send one via email, but did you know you can do them both from a single mail-merge? Find out how in the last tip in the mail-merge series.

20/02/2018 9:50 am AEDT

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