How to Setup and use ADL Forms in REST Professional


ADL Forms is a Third Party Product partnered with Rockend to enable you to mail merge from REST Professional into the ADL Forms programme.  It is easy to set up, however you must have the programme installed on all machines you wish to use it on.

This document will cover:

  • How to Setup ADL Forms

  • How to use ADL Forms

How to Setup ADL Forms

  1. Go to Other > Utilities > System Options

  2. Click on the Other tab and tick Use ADL Forms

  3. Click OK-F12

How to use ADL Forms

  1. Go to Other > Print Letters/Mail Merge

  2. Select all the criteria you require for the merge

  3. Select if required from the Selection menu

  4. In the Output select ADL Forms

  5. Tick Document Management and/or Update Tenant History if required

  6. Click Preview if you wish to preview the selected recipients before proceeding, then click Next

  7. OR Click Start to begin the merge

  8. ADL Forms will now open for you to select the specific forms you require to merge with


10/08/2016 2:26 pm AEST

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