How to Search/Cancel Payments in STRATA Master


This article will assist you to search for payments to note status and cancel the payment.

When a Creditor Payment is cancelled, it is returned to the Creditor Invoice screen, and then need to be cancelled or edited in that screen.

Searching for a Payment

Within STRATA Master, you can access Search/Cancel Payments via Accounting > Adjustments

NOTE: Only payments with the Unpresented status, where the file has not yet been uploaded to the bank, can be cancelled via Search/Cancel Payments.

The Search/Cancel Payments form has the following search options available:

  • Bank Account

  • Owners Corporation (Plan no; Manager; Street no; Street; Town; Postcode)

  • Other search criteria (Payee {Creditor Payee}; Payment date; Payment type; Payment no.)


Once you have entered your search criteria, click the Search icon to display a list of payments that satisfy the search criteria.

Cancelling a Payment

  • Search for the payment by following the above step

  • Select the payment you wish to cancel from the list of payments

  • Click the Cancel Payment icon

  • STRATA Master will ask you to show the following pop up where it is recommended that a reason is input


  • Click OK and the payment will be removed from the list of payments

Useful links

To see details about Rejected BPAY File see this document "How to Correct a Rejected BPAY File – Incorrect CRN – Macquarie Bank" 

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