Error 91 with Internal Error in Strata Master Meeting Register

This article will assist you when you open the Meeting Register for any Plan, and an error 91 pops up, you click ok, and then an Internal error pops up afterward.

The Cause of The Error

The cause is a blank status on a meeting. You may notice that it is the only meeting showing. It can happen when a user tries to remove the meeting's "Date Finalised", that the status is lost.

The Steps to Fix the Blank Status

To fix this blank status, have to go through these exact same steps: 

1. Click Edit button 

2. The error 91 and the Internal error will pop up. Click OK on both errors. 

3. Click the Undo button 

4. The error 91 and the Internal error will pop up again. Click OK on both errors. 

5. Select the meeting with blank status so it is highlighted.

6. Click the chainlink on the right hand side of the meeting list. 

7. The Meeting Wizard opens. If all action items are ticked, click "Finalise".

8. Once done, close and re-open the meeting register. 

If  An Error 484 Appears

If a 424 error appears during the process above, access the meeting without a status through Quick Reports > Meetings tab. Enter the Plan number and the meeting date, click search. Highlight the meeting that shows and click the chainlink.  The Meeting Wizard will show, click Finalise. You can then close and reopen the Register.

28/12/2022 5:01 pm AEDT

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