Viewing Reminders for Other Users

The article will assist any User to view to Reminders for other Users, where that User is designated as a Manager.

Where is the Reminders Configuration ?

Go to Manage > Reminders Configuration

The Reminders Configuration Screen

You can -

1. Tick the box "Automatically show reminder list' to have your reminder list show upon opening Strata Master

2. Set Reminders to show our diary items at a set number of days prior to due date.

3. Select to see all items or select only items of a chosen topic/action.

4. Tick the Manager box to view the Reminders for other Managers.

What if a User Name is not Showing ?

The Users Profile needs to be ticked as 'Manager' to show in this Reminders Configuration.

Go to Configuration > Users

Then select the User >Click Edit and tick the box that says 'Manager' > Click Save

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