How to Change an Owner Statement Group


This field is used to place your owners into groups. Most reports and statements may be printed for all owners or for a selected group.

You may have a group of owners that require mid month statements. Enter group ‘M’ for these owners and then run statements, cheques and auto deposits for group ‘M’ only. You have A – Z available to utilise for what groups you allocate.

Alternatively, you may want to organise your owners into groups for reporting purposes.


  1. Go to Files > Owner or click on the Owner icon 
  2. Put in the alpha index of the Owner and press ENTER
  3. Click on the Payment Tab
  4. Under Statement control, select Group (from A-Z) from the drop down menu
  5. Click OK-F12

04/03/2016 3:04 pm AEDT

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