Workflow Processing and Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager can add the QR Code to your supplier invoices to enable you to use them with fileSMART Barcode Invoice Processing Workflow. 

This guide summarises the steps to setup and use QR Codes to process creditor invoices issued from Maintenance Manager for Registered Suppliers.


  • The user must be familiar with REST Barcode Invoice Processing Workflow. If you are not, please find the instructions here

The process flow is:

  1. Supplier uploads invoice to MMgr and PM approves the invoice
  2.  MMgr adds a header sheet containing the QR code and job/invoice details
  3. The invoice is printed to the fileSMART Archive Printer
  4. Select the document in the fileSMART Archive Pending Queue, and create a Barcode Invoice Processing Workflow
  5. The REST Barcode Invoice Processing Workflow is then processed in fileSMART and REST Professional as per normal

NOTE: Maintenance Manager can also be used with Workflow Assist. You would need to have Workflow Assist set up using these instructions and then email the invoices from Maintenance Manager to the email address set up in Workflow Assist. 

20/09/2018 2:58 pm AEST

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