History Recovery with REST Professional Version 15 Upgrade

During the upgrade process to REST Professional Version 15.0.05, the operator will be provided with an option to run a full or partial history recovery.  

Selecting a partial history recovery will reduce the upgrade time, but in order to ensure accurate historical reporting in REST Professional, a full history recovery will be required as soon as possible after upgrading each REST database to V15.0.05.

After upgrade to v15.0.05, when a full history recovery has not been completed; a prompt message to perform this action will display to the last user logging out of REST Professional.

  • When selected, the history recovery will begin after the backup selection has been made and will close REST Professional upon completion
  • This prompt will continue to display to the last user logging out of REST Professional until a full History Recovery has been performed.


History Recovery Instructions

To run the history recovery in REST after upgrading, select Other > Utilities > History Recovery.  Since a full history can be time consuming, it is recommended this is performed on the server where the REST data is located.  To avoid disruptions to your workplace, it may be best to run a full history recovery at the end of the business day to complete overnight.

17/11/2016 10:11 am AEDT

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