REST Professional Holiday Bookings Sundries / Sundry Payments Setup


Sundries or Sundry Payments are payments made by a Holiday Guest on top of the holiday rent.

Sundry Payments include standard charges for items such as Bond, Cleaning, Linen Hire, Booking Fee, phone charges and are individually entered on each Holiday Booking Property. Up to 8 Sundries may be entered against the booking.

Sundries are paid out to a Creditor, the Owner, Holiday Guest or Agent using the Sundry Disbursement function.

Setting up Default Sundries / Sundry Payments

Sundries are entered as Default Sundry Payments (ie/ holiday bookings > default sundry payments) first and then may be applied to Holiday properties and bookings.

Once the Default Sundry Payments are set up you may apply them to a Holiday Property and then change the amounts etc. to suit that specific property (ie/ files > property > holidays tab – Sundries)

Once they are set up on the Holiday Property, they may be applied to bookings for that property and again changed if required for the Individual booking (ie/ holiday bookings > booking maintenance > sundries F6)


Enter the description of the Sundry payment. This will appear on the Holiday Booking receipts.

if the amount is the same charge for all Holiday properties and bookings enter the amount here. If not, enter zero here and enter the correct amount in the Holiday property or Booking sundry table.

Account Code
Enter the account code under which this payment will be charged. You may enter N/A if there is not an appropriate account code available.

Internal Account
Every Sundry Payment must have an internal account assigned. When the sundries are receipted in Holiday Receipts, they are credited to this account and held there until paid out via Holiday Bookings > Sundry Disbursement. For example – AACLEANING for cleaning, AAHOLCHGE for credit card fees etc. Holiday Sundries Reports provides a list of all Sundries held for each account and individual bookings.

A creditor must be entered. If you use more than one creditor for cleaning etc., enter the most common one here and change the Sundry Payment table for the Holiday property or Booking. If the Sundry is for an item such as Bond that will be paid to the Agent, enter the agency as a creditor and attach that creditor here.

Amount to owner
if part or all of this Sundry Payment always goes to the owner, enter the amount here. The split up of the Sundry amount may be changed when the Sundry is paid out.

Amount to M.Fee
If part or all of this Sundry Payment always goes to the Agency, enter the amount here. The split up of the Sundry amount may be changed when the Sundry is paid out.

Recovering Credit Card Fees

Should you wish to recover Credit Card Fees from a booking but are unsure of the fee at time of setting up booking maintenance, you will need to:

  1. At the time of creating the sundries against the booking maintenance, add the credit card fee in as 0.00.
  2. When the payment is received by credit card, calculate the credit card fee on the deposit and receipt (total) and enter the amount against the Holiday booking (ie/ Holiday Bookings > Booking Maintenance > Sundries F6)
  3. Receipt monies (ie/ holiday bookings > rent receipt). Enter the rent amount, then click on sundries and the updated amount for the credit card fee will be populated and can be receipted against. (see previous screen shot for sundry originally entered against booking)

Sundry Internal Accounts

If you receipt Sundry Payments such as Cleaning, Bond, Linen Hire etc., you must set up internal accounts for each Sundry type.

For Example – AACLEANING for cleaning, AALINEN for Linen Hire

All Sundries are receipted to and disbursed from the appropriate Internal Account.

Sundries Report

It is recommended that you run the Sundries Report to give you a list of each Sundry Payment held for each Holiday Booking.

Holiday Bookings > Reports > Sundries

The totals of each Sundry type on this report should be used to reconcile to the total of the Internal Account.

You must always Disburse funds from these Internal Accounts using Sundry Disbursement function. If you use quick or creditor disbursements to pay out of these accounts, the booking will not reflect the disbursement and you will not be able to archive or delete the booking.

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