Status Reports Issued in Strata Master

This article is a guide to where you can locate relevant information when reviewing Management Fees related to Status Certificate issuance and Strata Roll issuance.  

Status Reports Issued

When reviewing Status Reports issued against the fees received, you can check the reports below.

1. Click on Quick Reports.

2. Select the Lots tab.

3. In the Output Options, select "Show status certificate history".

4. Filter further by Plan or date range as required, both if you wish.

5. Click the search binoculars.

6. The results of the filtered search will show on the screen. Note that there may be instances of tests or checking of reports run with no name of Requestor, or alternatively, in your agency, a user may add their name. These items are unlikely to be issued for a fee.  Check the process in your agency.

Fee Receipts in Quick Reports

1. In Quick Reports, select the Receipts tab.

2. In Receipt Type, select "Fees collected for agency" and widen the date search as the receipts will not come in immediately.

3. Click the search binoculars.

4. The results of the filtered search show on the screen. Note that the search fee charged on 30/7/2018 was received on 15/8/2018.

Fee Receipts in Search/Edit Transactions

1. Navigate to Accounting > Adjustments > Search/Edit Transactions

2. Filter as below -

  • Clear Plans so all Plans are shown
  • Enter a date range
  • Optional - select Owners Corp Receipt (you can omit this selection to catch transactions charged)
  • Account Selection, select account 146500 for Status Cert Fees both as both debit and credit and select 'Or' between the two selections of accounts.  This selects transactions with 146500 as debit or credit.

3. Click the search binoculars.

4. Print the list by selecting the printer or export to excel by selecting the appropriate button 

5. Change the debit and credit accounts from 146500 to 147000 for Strata Roll fees and continue with steps 3 and 4 above. 

03/11/2023 7:58 pm AEDT

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